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We offer 3 levels

1) Advanced course ........25+ videos + color manual + private email group.

2) Expanded course        20 + more videos showing our research and nearly 800 pages of original Andrews writings. (and part 1  of pro course tech)

3) Professional Level      Hands on training in various pro level tech.  Money management video (click here) shows two.of the systems.

See account of course here...see real weekly broker statements


Advanced Andrews Course

You recieve a color Advanced Course manual along with about 25 short videos to immerse you into the course methods.

This is done with over 25 videos, (bite size-15-20 minutes each) over a period of three weeks. In the mail you also receive an extensive color manual. Some of the videos have Dr. Andrews teaching a seminar. More are available for viewing at live events. You will also be invited to our private email group. Many of the techniques in the Advanced course are not available elsewhere and may have been learned at the kitchen table with Alan Andrews. 

In addition to the color manual you also get access to over thirty videos, that show the techniques in action and explain them in detail.

The private email group and access to our precision trader software is also included.


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Advanced Course  via credit card or pay pal

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2) Expanded course  20 + more videos showing our research and nearly 800 pages of original Andrews writings. ( and part 1 of pro course tech)

The Limited Edition Expanded Course includes the limited edition, extensive Original Andrews Materials of nearly 800 pages. In addition there are over 25 videos that cover over 10 years of our research..........price goes up with each purchase.

This includes what Andrews used to turn 5K into over 50K, trading futures, in months in his real time demonstrations. 

Can it still be done? here...for the first video in our attempt to do it



And Finally..........

A very limited number of Professional Level Mechanical Systems Courses are also available. Each is sold only one time. Price is determined by dollars won minus five times the losses over a set recent historical time period. All use techniques discussed in Expanded course videos.   Money management video (click here) shows two.of the systems.



Live San Diego Seminars. Each year we have live seminars on various techniques. Course membership required for attendance