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New.....Advanced Andrews Expanded Course

The course has multiple levels.

Level 1 is a color Advanced Course manual along with about 25 short videos to imerse you into the course methods.

This is done with over 25 videos, (bite size-15-20 minutes each) over a period of three weeks. In the mail you also receive an extensive color manual. Some of the videos have Dr. Andrews teaching a seminar. More are available for viewing at live events. You will also be invited to our private email group. Many of the techniques in the Advanced course are not available elsewhere and may have been learned at the kitchen table with Alan Andrews.  An excellent example is in one of the videos where you are shown a technique that finds many tops and bottoms.......about 75% of them are the start of corrections. There after several pivots are made in the new direction....and trend traders give up profits. This is a great place to take profits and look for a better priced entry point about eight to twenty five bars a different course signal.

Level 2 is a video showing you the details on the part 1 trading method that we regualarly discuss. Matt uses it and can tell you about his results. Having taken level 1 is required to take this part.

 Level 3 includes the extensive Original Andrews Materials and over 25 videos that cover over 10 years of our research.



Level 1 gets you started. An additioanl payment of $5,000 is required for level 2. Level 3 is an additional $29,000. ( A discount is given for payment of all three at one time)
Advanced Course Level 1 via credit card or pay pal
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Live San Diego Seminars. Each year we have live seminars on various techniques. Course membership required for attendance