When someone has unbelievable resuts it is best to see detailed proof that can be verified.

Friday account snapshots....actual real $$ account...starting with October 5 2018.

Each one shows the net liquidation value..........effectivly the account balance.

In addition, all of the trades that were open during the respective friday is shown at the bottom of each friday statement.

Account is traded by course instructor using methods from the expanded course videos

 We do not manage funds for others....but our students do.

Last post is November 16 2018

The technology used is dependent upon specific proprietary indicators and patterns, that may or may not be generated by markets in the future.

We expect that students will have different (better or worse) results, due to emotions, account size, and trades made. 

Matt, one of our students grew his account by 89% with our tech .......during mid September - October  in 4-5 weeks with the system that is level 2 (part 1 system) of the limited edition advanced expanded course..