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  The most important aspects of using the Andrews Pitchfork is knowing which one to draw and the actual rules governing the use of the lines. The Advanced Andrews Course comes from our over 800 pages of the writings of Alan Andrews and from insights learned at his kitchen table. We also have special private software for testing and verifyng the various rules of the Babson and Andrews Course methods.   

Welcome to the only Andrews Course taught by an actual student of Dr. Alan Hall Andrews. We even have videos of Ron Jaenisch and Dr. Andrews together at a live seminar, where he asked Ron to teach the seminar on the west coast and overseas. ( link at bottom of page)

  Over 10 years ago, Michael Rada was writing his masters thesis for the University of Vienna. He studied the commonalities of successful money managers in Vienna. He found that the only commonality was that they had all been through an Advanced Andrews Seminar, conducted by Ron Jaenisch.  Michael then studied the course methods and placed them into software and within 4 years after his graduation he was a Vice President of R&D for a multi billion-dollar hedge fund in London.


Now the course includes over 20 videos. What do recent course grads say?

Hi Ron,

From Tazmania....
Really enjoyed the videos, lots to learn from them. Very pleased with the content
The following video links I could not get to work as they come up as private
 thanks Ron videos all working now

The ORE indicator has me fascinated, I see that you mainly use it on the daily and hourly timeframes. Can this be used on lower timeframes or does that muddy the waters somewhat.
Since taking the course I rarely trade in smaller timeframes now unless I can see a golden pivot. It's amazing how all these years I have used trendlines but now I am starting to know what the really important ones are

I have read the course manual numerous times already, taking notes and watching all the videos. Things are becoming clearer with each read, to say I am enjoying the course would be an understatement. I will have some questions for you but I will keep them all in one email in the future for you.

From A small business owner..........
So by combining Andrews modiffied EW count, AR, and my signals yesterday alone I could have made 10% - but I have said to myself trial until new year! Actual performance to dat is now over 1000 SPX points from 47 trades (only 4 made a loss) since 17 May 2010!!! I really am chuffed and want to increase my stakes - went live this week with $1000 limit and am up over 100% because with short term options close to the predicted direction moves are fast and furious!!!! and with the risk reward so highly in your favour.

MH in the Middle East..."I have been getting good results so far. Trading much improved-thanks.

Every time I work through the manual more seems to sink in or make sense!


I in Brazil " So far 1've traded using Andrews-Ron lines learned from the videos and although I've done some mistakes and learned from theem I had a profitable month without much effort.


Thank You very much!"

A in Colorado...."I have been going through the vidoes slowly and trying to take notes. I am really enjoying them.
I can see that you have done a tremendous amount of research on this material.

Thanks you for making this material available."

"Your Video on Gold was one of the best I have seen from your work.

Nick in Oregon said in 2011...What you taught over 20 years ago still works today.

From a Dive Shop  I find so much more info in this course every time I go through it again and feel I just am scratching the surface!

"Hi Ron,

Thanks so much for the Andrews Expanded Course, really incrediable and loving it. Just wondering if there is any other videos I have not viewed for the course, I've seen the group on Ewave. The recent Babson vids looked pretty interesting too.
Appreciate how much you've helped me, it really means a lot."

David (From NZ)

From HH in South Africa, " Thanks Ron, Great videos" ........(regardIng the techniques) " have been using them - fucking beautiful"
(excuse the language)." 
Peter in Sacramento, "Thanks for the video, in fact thanks for all of them. This last one you were clearer and more enthusiastic than some of the others, which made it all the more valuable."

How did the money managers learn about the techniques?

Franz, was an young engineer who was living off of his investments. He spent most of his time learning techniques to manage his investments. During a trip to Silicon Valley he learned the techniques. Over time he noticed that they helped him find turning points in the S&P 500.

Franz spent a lot of time at a friends stock brokerage firm in Vienna and wanted to promote the firm. He posted charts on a regular basis that showed what investments were good to buy and sell. After a while the local newspaper took notice and published his charts with the course lines every week. After a while his phone was constantly ringing, with investment advisers wanting to know how he did it.

Franz contacted Ron Jaenisch, his teacher of the techniques and arranged to have the techniques taught a few times a year in Vienna by Ron Jaenisch from California. This was how the successful investment managers in Vienna learned about the techniques.

Franz made a lot of money using the  techniques for his investments and getting people to the seminars. He also made a lot of friends in the investment community and is now on the Board of Directors of a bank in Vienna that specializes on international investments.



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