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Advanced Andrews Course

The course has everything that you need to trade with the Andrews Reinhart and Babson techniques. We start with the basics and get into very advanced techniques. This course covers levels 1-3.

Level 1....All the Basics of the Andrews Reinhart and Babson Techniques.

Level 2....Applying the Andrews Reinhart and Babson techniques to Various Markets.

Level 3....Setups and techniques only found in our course, that resulted from many private conversations with Alan Andrews and our own computer based research. 

This is done with over 25 videos, (bite size-15-20 minutes each) over a period of three weeks. In the mail you also receive an extensive color manual. Some of the videos have Dr. Andrews teaching a seminar. More are available for viewing at live events. Many of the techniques in the Advanced course are not available elsewhere and may have been learned at the kitchen table with Alan Andrews. This course contains the tools used to construct the Andrews ORE.

The Babson Secret........Shows how to find reliable Center Lines.

This particular protocol is not found elsewhere.....we discovered it.

To keep things running smother you are invited to be in a private email group where you and other Andrews Babson students ask questions and get answers with charts. 

Every week several examples are sent to the private group members. Often examples that are sent out are trades that someone in the group has made. The intent is to show examples. Some course members in the email forum have over 10 years experience with the methods.

Our PT3 software as a gift to you, along with over twenty videos that are only seen by course members. 

You are also able to attend a special live free get together held once a year that is open only to course members.

In our discussion group over 30% of the focus is upon intraday charts because of the quick learning factor. You see the results quickly.

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Now the course includes about 20 videos. What do recent course grads say?

Regarding the ORE technique.......

Thanks a lot for your helpfulness. You are very attentive to my questions and this is helping me to understand this amazing technique.
But other questions will come. Hope you can answer all. :)


From India...
Ever since I joined with Ron Sir, I have has some really successful trades, even a basic understanding of the subject has helped me a lot. Imagine what studying the Comprehensive would do. :)

From Erich (an American living in Europe who took the level 1 basic course over 10 years ago and we gave him credit for prior payments towards the advanced course.

Erich, As you can see the videos are very new, compared to what you received years ago. Please let me know what you think and how it compares.

Night and day. The old paper slides hit on the concepts. The videos give the actual execution.
If I'd had these videos years ago, or the time and resources to attend your actual classes, my long time dream of trading as you do would have happened years ago.

Still, all things happen for a reason.

I enjoy trading more than anything and to actually know what I'm doing, minimizing risk, is the final step.
One learns best from the best. Thank you for teaching this so long that I still have my chance to learn from you.

From Richard down under .........
wow is an understatement, If i had only one thing to trade it would be (Signal description deleted). Now if other lines come in at this area it just adds to the strength I am doing minimal trading atm . With all the course lines I have learnt I am spending the next few months letting the market teach me so to speak. But the  (Signal description deleted) is my bread and butter it is so simple and you quickly know when you are wrong and can get out with minimal damage


Hi Ron,
Can you hook me up on the direct charts list please, love the charts. Thanks for the video the other week, great stuff.
Thanks, u the best
From the Middle East..."I have been getting good results so far. Trading much improved-thanks."
I in Brazil " So far 1've traded using Andrews-Ron lines learned from the videos and although I've done some mistakes and learned from them I had a profitable month without much effort.

Thank You very much!"
*A in Colorado...."I have been going through the videos slowly and trying to take notes. I am really enjoying them.
I can see that you have done a tremendous amount of research on this material.

Thanks you for making this material available."

"Your Video on Gold was one of the best I have seen from your work.
 From India...........Truth is, just been part of your yahoo mail group is a big return on my investment.

"Hi Ron,

Thanks so much for the Andrews Expanded Course, really incredible and loving it. Just wondering if there is any other videos I have not viewed for the course, I've seen the group on Ewave. The recent Babson vids looked pretty interesting too.
Appreciate how much you've helped me, it really means a lot."

David (From NZ)

From HH in South Africa, " Thanks Ron, Great videos" ........(regarding the techniques) " have been using them - fucking beautiful"
(excuse the language)."

Peter in Sacramento, "Thanks for the video, in fact thanks for all of them. This last one you were clearer and more enthusiastic than some of the others, which made it all the more valuable."

Q:There is free material on the web.......what is the difference?
A: A lot ........



The Andrews expanded course 

This contains the a detailed explanation by Dr. Andrews about how he calculated ORE and detailed insights written by Dr. Andrews about other relatively unknown indicators.  This is the store house of the written insights, newsletters and documents that we have been able to amass over the years.  There are a limited number of copies that will be published. In addition to the three massive volumes there are also a large number of videos, The content is offered with this course, where we interpret what Andrews wrote and give our insights. The Expanded course includes videos where Wave theory and course techniques are combined to find the end of corrections and the start of powerful moves.

The Expanded Course contains many things. One of them is the weekly explanations of trades by Dr. Andrews as he made the trades. The huge benefit of this is you get to see what Andrews actually used in terms of indicators, to produce success on a consistent basis. You then have a full copy of the same extensive library we have. To procure this material, took considerable effort. and part of the cost is shared by each course member. As a result, a few of the originals that we recieved, are sent to each expanded course member.Some of which, have Dr. Andrews hand written notes on them. As a result our originals are kept by the expanded course community.

The Expanded course includes videos where you learn about combining Andrews and Elliott wave.

As a bonus we include over 25 additional special videos  They cover what we have discovered in the written material and the application of the techniques. The videos cover material not covered in the Advanced Course Videos.

NEW >>>We took various Andrews signals and had put them into software. Then they were tested over a two year period to see long and short signals. There is a video covering each signal, showing its occurance and the results of the studies. We show how Andrews was able to trade so well with them. Some signals covered are only found in this expanded course.

The price varies depending upon how many copies are left. For example the first purchaser will have paid a lot less than the final 100th purchaser etc. At any time a trading firm that sees the value in the indicator may purchase all remaining copies of the course. The expanded course is limited to three in a month and is often sold out by the second week of the month.

There is a substantial discount on this course when purchased within ten days of recieving the advanced course material.

Video Original works before we copied it.

Video ....Part of what you get.

For more info contact

This course is subject to availability.

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  This payment will reserve the expanded course for you and is a partial payment of the entire expanded course. If you have not already taken the Advanced Course this payment will also be used to cover your costs of the Advanced Course (which will be sent immediately)  and reserve the Expanded Course for you. Please contact regarding pricing details after you have taken the Advanced course. 

 Professional Course

The new professional level course starts in the fall of 2015.  Having taken the Advanced and Expanded Course is required. A windows based computer is suggested.

Instruction is given via SKYPE or in person .

Videos for this course are on our servers and made easily accessable via special software.

We will cover a substantial number of comptuerized systems in great detail, in order to develp an understanding of what they contain and their use.

Andrews taught that we learn by doing best. Therefore we will work on systems development, testing and implementation, with the aid of computers.

Professional Course members will have access to our servers for learning and experimentation purposes.

Each month we will cover specific systems and the underlying concepts and give the opportunity to develop, modify optimize and test them on our servers.

When a student requrests that a new feature is added to improve the systems under development, it will be discussed with the programming section.

The second part is private instruction where various techniques are reviewed.

One is what refered to as the exact reversal finder. When describing how to use a specific line Andrews stated, "Watch for a reversal on this line exactly". We will expand upon what he found by adding the results of our research.

Preparation for the final exam takes several days. All students have the option of spending several hours a day with Ron to prepare for it, at the set rate.

The final exam is the most important part.
The questions are.........There are several traders using the Marachel, Babson or Andrews Course methods. Each use the course methods differently. Each has chosen a specific setup, entry signal, fire exit, and profit exit. Each typically make over 100% a year. Describe their strategies and show examples of trades for the last two years for each.

In the expanded course Andrews showed how he turned 5K into 50K in less than three months. If Andrews was alive today and did that last year. Show the trades he would have made.

After completion of final exam the new instructor will be shown our answers to the questions, which may be different from his.





Video....original works before we copied it.

Video ....Part of what you get.

Live San Diego Seminars. Each year we have live seminars on various techniques. Course membership required for attendance

Due to the nature and form of our material we are unable to have a money back guarantee.