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Dr. Alan Hall Andrews sent his subscribers newsletters in the 1970's that showed the reversal points in advance. 

He used the New Babson Reversal Line to know where to look in advance.

This is very different from the Babson Reaction Lines.

 Within a specific time period price would need to bounce off of the line.

A bounce indicates a highlly probable pivot and trend reversal.

This new technique is not publicly available, and only shown in our course.

The legnth of the forecasted trend reversal, is normally weeks.

It may be months, depending upon the reading of the initial indicator. 

When looking at the charts below .........please note.......some are look back and some are up to now (when the bounce just occured).

I may have a position in the recent bounce stocks.

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Babson Reversal Line


Babson Reversal Line


Babson Reversal Line


Babson Reversal Line

Above is the reversal in the August futures contract...below is the NASDAQ future chart

Reversal in Nasdaq




Babson Reversal Line





Andrews Babson Reversal Point




The Forecasted reversal point has not yet been met in the charts below.

For a valid multi week reversal to be in play a pivot must occur on the line.

Babson Reversal lines





Where do you get data for the charts?

Quality data in a timely fashion is vital. Sometimes one or more of the data sources have problems.

There are many services out there. One is qcharts. I also get free data from IB and TDA.

Sometimes one of the three will have issues, then the other two can be checked.

How may screens do you have?

Some traders like to have multiple screens. I have three screens on my desk.

I find that i mainly use the newest 42 inch one.


Do you also have laptops?

Yes two, these have been used on trips.

With the laptops it is normal for me to log into my main computer in my office.

Then all of the same programs are open for me to look at.