Hi I'm Ron Jaenisch

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Relax...I paid to have this picture taken on a trip to Manila.

And below is my friend and mentor Professor Alan Hall Andrews.                   

In the `1970's Alan Andrews would demonstrate the methods by turning $5, 000 into $50,000 in about three months.



   See Andrews (click here) and Ron Jaenisch discussing Babson Techniques (video)



I was trained as a Psychologist, and predicting group behavior interested me.

When first started learning the techniques...... I had ......

The original two hundred page Action Reaction Course which was very hard to understand,

 (much more than the free stuff on the web) and difficult to put into a viable trading plan.

As a result I spent a lot of time with the professor at his kitchen table.

In the process, I gained a lot of insights that were not in his writings, but are now in the Advanced Course private videos.

A good example is one of the videos where there is a study on how to predict the end of multi pivot moves.

This end is typically where the pullback or correction begins....often a great place to take profits or reverse.

Another is how to find the end of corrections.


One video covers the old fashion way to find babson reversal points.

Our research has found other, new ways.



Prior to the Professor's passing, he asked me to teach the course on the west coast.

Later, I also taught the course in Europe.

As a result we built vhs seminar videos in German/English.

Over the years I developed a new color course manual,

 and a private video library, for teaching the techniques...via the web.

I also spent time doing research with his nearly 1,000 pages of Alan's writings.


A few years ago I led a team that developed software for his teachings.

Below is a test run that we did on daily Forex data, about two years after the software was completed.

The test focused upon the Andrews Techniques, using amibroker software.

It only had a max peak to trough drawdown of about 3.32%......... with no leverage.

There was one thing that continued to bug me.

For years I have wanted to know how the professor was able to send out a newsletter on Thursday,

that people would get in the mail the next Monday,

 which gave them the orders to read to their broker that day....... for the week.

The result was turning $5,000 into $50,000 in about three months. 

 My research into his nearly one thousand pages of writings, has paid off handsomely. (see results)



Proof from hard to find original Andrews documents...in a video



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Social Component

As a trained psychologist that deals with trends, I function as a trend changer,

that improves the quality of life.

I teach teens an NLP technique to flip the depression switch from on to off in a few minutes.

For Shriners Orthopedic Hospitals for Children, I am the Treasurer of the Directors Staff.

For Boy Scouts of America, I am the Unit Commissioner for two units. 


It's gratifying to see tangiable results.

Recently in my local community...............

A Stock Exchange listed corp put 4 inch wide trenches in the local roads,

while instaling mini cell towers on light poles. The city refused to properly fix the roads.

With a few emails and a phone conversation, I motivated the major company to resurface

the entire road areas, they worked on, to the point of being in new condition.


Years ago, as an elected offical of the local Park and Recreation board, I spearheaded an effort

to have state officals fund an off leash, fenced in dog park.


At the local high school, I motivated the school board (which never has enough money)

to replace all the aging computers, students used, in the school library.

These were often used by students that did not have access to computers at home.

This was finally accomplished by the school, partnering with a state run program.